No Fresh Cut Flowers 
an Afterlife Anthology


$9.99 E-Version Book & Soundtrack  

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$32.99 - Paperback & CD

No Fresh Cut Flowers, an Afterlife Anthology, edited by Rachel Andrews, contains poems from 25 poets and is deliciously rich with thought provoking views of the afterlife, color photographs and comes with a full length soundtrack.

Poems by: Nick Doniger, Tom Clark, Byron Danziger, Peter Rennick, J.J. Steinfeld, Barbara Bialick, Neil Ellman, Richard Schiffman, P.A. Levy, Scott Keeney, Ariel Chance, Anna Taborska, Ayara Stein, Phil Gruis, Laury Egan, Changming Yuan, Lynn Hoffman, Gary Beck, Greta Bolger, Mary Belardi Erickson, Toni Clark, Lisken Van Pelt Dus, CJ Clayton Dippolito, Karen Neuberg and Penn Kemp

Music by: The Icarus Descent, ztraceny, Two Structures, Stung by Horses, The Autumn

As I read from No Fresh Cut Flowers with the accompanying music specially composed for the book, a perfect ambiance manifests itself in the reading.
The poems are superior, plus the included color photographs.
It is evident that much thought has gone into the selection of poetry with an Afterlife theme. The various views and topics are from poets around the globe.
To have your own CD of music specially composed for the book along with a quality paperback makes this a good buy. It's an excellent choice for spiritually-minded readers. It certainly makes a nice gift to others, awakening our spiritual senses.
-M. J. Erickson

Sappho Does Hay(na)ku
By Scott Keeney

$42.00 -Signed, Hand-bound edition

Sappho Does Hay(na)ku is a collection of 77 poems that deal in love, lust and sarcasm. They are a mix of interpretations, translations and variations of Greek poet Sappho's work. One of the first complete hay(na)ku collections, author Scott Keeney gives us an easy to read and fresh take on provocative topics.

This is an author signed, hand-bound edition featuring Japanese stabbinding and bakri paper cover.

"I like these interpretations, translations, and variations, because they really capture the brassy candor which still draws readers to the world's most famous lesbian." - William B Keckler, author & award winning poet

Sappho Does Hay(na)ku is poetry that begs to be read. It doesn't lifelessly sit on the page, it sticks its hands out, grabs your collar, and pulls you in close. At moments the pieces are touching, playful, sexy, funny -- they are always engaging. The poems often end differently than you would imagine, making the work fresh and smart. While being that, it is also incredibly accessible, you needn't know anything about Greek goddesses or poetry to enjoy this work.

I really do recommend Sappho Does Hay(na)ku. It has poetry for every mood and every situation. Every time I pick it up it gets better.
-J. Mingolello