The Autumn:

Sarah Autumn (Vocals, Guitar)  Craig William (Guitar, Vocals)   Jay Northrop (Drums)  Jake Avesitian (Bass, Violin, Vocals) Brian Dunigan (Keys)

progressive, metal, pop rock, alternative, blues, ambient textures


ztracený is an ambient project of James Jaret Kojac, a Sound Designer and Musician who runs the production company Syndicate Synthetique. He has been composing music and designing sounds for feature films, video games, and more for over 15 years. He also produces music using the alias The H.A.V.O.K. Conspiracy.

Two Structures:

Two Structures is the aural amalgamation of J.Siemasko and BARTrefuse whose collective prior works span all ranges of electronic, ambient, industrial, metal and noise. They draw on these genres and combine them with many more to create a very unique blend of chaotic beauty. 
The Icarus Descent:
The Icarus Descent was born early in 2009, but stealthily waited until April of 2010 to release the back to back CD's; 'Dead Strings Echo' and 'Heathen Grey Sky' each drawing on very different reaches of the noise realm, the former being harsh, ambient soundscapes; the latter being blistering, droning, improvised feedback loops. Icarus encompasses any and all forms of noise imaginable and beyond...