Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Fresh Cut Flowers, An Afterlife Anthology Book Release Party

Come and celebrate the release of No Fresh Cut Flowers, An Afterlife Anthology with Sephyrus Press!

The book, edited by Rachel Andrews, contains poems from over 25 poets and is deliciously rich with thought provoking views of the afterlife, color photographs and comes with a full length soundtrack.

Meet some of the poets, enjoy a latte or some wine and eat some scrumptious food with us at this exciting event.

Can't wait to see you there!

The event is being held at Cafe Atlantique, 33 River Street, Milford, CT, on October 23th at 7pm.  For more information please email Rachel -at-  


  1. Hi Rachel (I almost typed Raquel for some reason) Thanks so much for the invite, would love to be there but must send my shadow self instead. He loves this kind of thing. And thanks for publishing my poems. Here's one that came today out of the blue, how a propos:

    Afterlife Valentine

    Eventually death leads back to love
    it has no place else to go
    since love is all projection
    and reflection death keeps
    coming back for you
    in the form of bodies
    not your own to love
    you love death don’t you
    because death loves you
    after the first death
    there is a revision
    no literalists allowed
    in the afterlife
    and after a certain
    point you get it
    or you don’t.

  2. Peter, I love the poem! And you can call me Raquel anytime. Some of the people who met me in Spanish class still call me that. I do prefer Raquelita though, since I am quite petite. I will introduce your shadow self to my friends. We love all kinds :)

  3. Glorious cover and fun bios... looking forward to the Anthology here in wintry Ontario!

    Long live Poetry... and the Poet!

    Congrats, Rachel... et al!